More Africa NewsViasat signs an agreement with Clear Blue for its satellite Internet connectivity services in Nigeria

April 19, 2022by myles0

Driven by the population’s need for broadband, the satellite connectivity segment continues to develop in Nigeria. Viasat, which obtained the approval of the authorities last year to start its activities in the country, is giving itself the weapons to impose itself on this very disputed market. 

The satellite telecom services operator Viasat will rely on the Canadian energy company Clear Blue Technologies International to ensure the viability of its satellite connectivity services in Nigeria. The company specializing in the supply of off-grid electrical energy and intelligent solar energy solutions will provide Viasat’s 5 “Community Internet” sites with its energy solutions at affordable costs thanks to its Nano-Grid and Pico-Grid products. A partnership agreement signed to this effect between the two parties was unveiled on Tuesday 12 April.

“Clear Blue is working with Viasat to provide intelligent off-grid power systems and management services at these sites. The market opportunity the satellite creates has been a central strategic focus for us over the past three years, and it is exciting to now see Pico-Grid products in the field ,” said Miriam Tuerk (pictured), co-founder and President and CEO of Clear Blue Technologies.

This agreement is the third signed between the Canadian company and satellite telecommunications companies operating in Africa since the beginning of the year. It comes after those signed with the companies YahClick and iSAT, respectively in February and March. In July 2021, the company also signed a similar partnership with satellite telecom operator Avanti. These various investments reflect the fierce competition currently prevailing in the satellite telecommunications segment in Africa, where the need is very strong, especially in rural areas. Operators are investing in energy solutions that can enable them to remain active in remote areas where the public electricity network does not reach or is weak.

It was in 2019 that Viasat began to show interest in the Nigerian market as part of its global expansion. The company finally obtained, in May 2021, a suite of licenses to begin operations in the country where it joins a hard-fought segment by renowned companies such as SES, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Inmarsat. The latter was acquired by Viasat in November 2021 for 7.3 billion USD. Through its “Community Internet” solution, Viasat contributes “  to the digital and social inclusion of remote and hard-to-reach communities by providing them with high-quality satellite Internet  ”. The company plans to expand its services nationwide once its trial program is completed. 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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