More Africa NewsCongo and Cameroon now share faster Internet speed thanks to their fiber optic interconnection

May 31, 2022by myles0

Both countries have the ambition to improve the living conditions of their respective populations thanks to low-cost broadband which offers multiple economic and social opportunities. This is the commitment made when this project started in 2020.

Congo and Cameroon are officially interconnected by fiber optics. The network that materializes this digital collaboration between the two States was received on Thursday May 26 in Ouesso, 870 kilometers north of Brazzaville, by the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy of Congo, Léon Juste Ibombo (photo, In the center).

He explained that the Congo-Cameroon optical fiber will exempt the two countries from future borrowing of international digital routes to access the Internet. This is money that will be saved by the public authorities for faster Internet speed thanks to the traffic which remains at the local level. The cost of broadband connectivity will also be more affordable for people.

Thanks to faster and low-cost connectivity, the Congolese and Cameroonian populations will be able to access the various opportunities offered by broadband, in particular online public services, access to more information and knowledge, etc. These are millions of people who will no longer be digitally excluded and will be able to take part in the new economy.

The Congo-Cameroon fiber optic interconnection network, 347 km long and costing more than 6.7 billion FCFA (11 million USD), is a component of the Central Africa Backbone (CAB) project of the Economic Community and Monetary Policy of Central Africa (Cemac), whose objective is to create an environment conducive to the emergence of the digital economy in the sub-region. It was funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

After Cameroon, Congo is preparing the finalization of its fiber optic interconnection with the Central African Republic launched at the same time as the construction site linking it to Cameroon. It is included in the 2022 budget adopted last March by the coordination of the CAB project in Congo.

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