More Africa NewsThe regulator prepares a study on the high cost of the Internet in The Gambia

May 31, 2022by myles0

The Gambia is among the African countries with the most expensive Internet prices, with an average of 5.86 USD according to Statista. The telecommunications regulator of the West African country wants to tackle this problem which is an obstacle to digital transformation.

The Gambia Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is planning to conduct a study to assess the high costs of internet in the Gambian telecommunications market. This study should enable the regulator to examine the obstacles to effective competition as well as the price structure.

According to PURA, the Gambian telecom market is a liberalized market where prices are not regulated per se for competition purposes. “  However, where competition fails to address the problem of high prices, as is the case in The Gambia, the regulator is empowered to carry out a market assessment study to examine the barriers to effective competition as well than the price structure  ,” explained the regulator.

PURA also intends to acquire tariff verification equipment that will solve the problem of credit and megabyte/gigabyte discrepancies between consumers and operators, bringing more transparency.

This regulator’s initiative is part of its mission to guarantee healthy competition in the Gambian telecom market as well as quality services at affordable prices for the population. It comes a few weeks after he completed an inspection campaign of telecom masts and towers installed throughout the country, in order to verify the compliance of these infrastructures with regulatory standards.

Upon completion of this market assessment, PURA will inform the people and parties and “  determine the actual intervention strategy needed to address market anomalies  ”. 

Source: Agence Ecofin

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