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June 13, 2022by myles0

Vox, the company formerly known as Vox Telecom (and before that, DataPro Group), is changing its name again – this time to Vivica Holdings – in a big overhaul of the ICT and telecommunications provider.

The Vox brand will be retained for the group’s Internet service provider business. The group will continue to be led by CEO Jacques du Toit.

Du Toit said in a statement that the new structure — Vivica Group, which holds the various assets, is in turn held by Vivica Holdings — is designed to “create a spread of value from the mature incumbents to the green shoots” in the group. Brands under the Vivica umbrella include established names such as Vox, Braintree, Frogfoot and Everlytic as well as “high-growth-potential technology companies such as Guardian Eye, qwerti, Stage Zero, Nymbis and HYPA”.

“The group’s structure enables an entrepreneurial, visionary spirit to grow and scale in a sustainable manner. It’s an exceptionally exciting space and we will be making announcements of exciting and innovative businesses joining Vivica over the coming months,” said Du Toit.

He said the group’s “near- and longer-term plans include strategic acquisitions, launching a paradigm-shifting renewable energy business called Stage Zero in August, and active investigations into various expansion opportunities into international markets”.

“Stage Zero will be a welcome entrant in its sector, and Everlytic, our digital marketing business, will establish a presence in Europe from July 2022. Each of the Vivica subsidiaries has the building blocks to easily be replicated across the world.” 

Source: Tech Central

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