More Africa NewsTanzania: China to support 5G development and adoption in Tanzania to boost digital economy

June 20, 2022by myles0

Tanzania wants to give more capacity to telecom operators as demand for broadband connectivity accelerates in the country. The government, which aims to connect 80% of the population by 2025, recently authorized investment in ultra-high speed.

Tanzania will benefit from China’s support in promoting the distribution of information and communication technologies. The two parties signed, on Wednesday, June 15, a partnership agreement to this effect. The agreement focuses on the adoption and development of fifth generation (5G) mobile technology in the country. 

Discussions also covered the deployment of telecommunications services in inaccessible areas (especially in rural areas), cybersecurity, Tanzania’s candidacy for the Council of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Basically, we have also agreed to further improve the issue of online security, especially in the area of ​​capacity building for our ICT experts, technology exchange programs that will enable the development of cross-sectoral economic development sectors such as agriculture, health, internet commerce, etc. said Nape Nnauye, Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology.

This partnership comes less than a month after the Tanzanian authorities authorized investment in 5G, to the delight of operators such as Vodacom, which has been showing its ambitions for this technology since 2020. Tanzania will therefore benefit from the experience and expertise of Chinese technology companies such as Huawei and ZTE for the deployment of 5G and associated technologies.

According to the signatories, this agreement should make it possible to stimulate economic development and increase employment, in particular for young people, thanks to technological innovation. China also pledged to continue cooperating with Tanzania to ensure the goal is achieved. “We will continue to motivate investors in the telecommunications sector in our country so that they can provide these services as stated by the Minister [Mr. Nnauye, Editor’s note], assured Chen Mingjian, Chinese ambassador to Tanzania.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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