More Africa NewsForge Academy & Labs launches its first 5G Future Lab in Africa

June 28, 2022by myles0

4IR-focused education facility Forge Academy & Labs has announced the launch of its first 5G Future Lab in Africa.

The facility, located at Forge Academy & Labs at the Gantry in Fourways, Johannesburg, is modelled on Nokia 5G Future Labs in Australia, and will be operational from 30 June this year.

The 5G Future Lab has been in the planning stages since the inception of Forge in December 2019.

The education company has pointed out that while the Lab is being constructed at their premises in Fourways, it did require a substantial investment.

Management of Forge Academy & Labs added that the 5G Lab can be used by other companies as a 5G testing facility to test apps and development in this space.

“Within the next two weeks Forge Academy will now roll out 5G Global Certification training for anyone wanting to certify in this technology,” the company stated.

Forge Academy & Labs did not offer detail regarding any plans to establish additional 5G Future Labs in Africa, and said only that investment will continue and that there are definite plans in place to set up more satellite 4IR Future Labs.

The 5G Future Lab in Africa has been established in partnership with Nokia, and Forge Academy described Nokia as one of its strategic partners. It added that the relationship continues to grow through support and collaboration, with a specific objective to impact future skills development within Southern Africa.

Pat Wiehahn, Head of Strategic Relations and Transformation at Nokia, said, “Nokia has always prioritised ensuring that countries get equipped for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The build of the 5G Futures Lab with Forge Academy and Business Finland ensures we build the skills to do just that.”

Arthur Wade Anderson, CEO of Forge Academy, said, “5G technology empowers the development of new products and services. We will be the first to deploy a 5G Futures Lab in Africa. We are excited to expand on our portfolio of 4IR technologies that include AI, robotics, augmented reality and more.”

Craig Clutty, COO of Forge Academy, added: “We are at the forefront of 4IR technology and by installing our own 5G Future Lab Network, we now offer 5G Certification training in a live environment, a first on the continent. We are honoured to work with Nokia to explore all the possibilities and opportunities that 5G can offer. The 5G Futures Lab will empower students to keep ahead and grow with this technology as it evolves.”

Source: IT Web Africa

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