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June 29, 2022by myles0

It’s a known fact that Africa has the most expensive average cost of mobile data in the world. Various research reports by Ecobank Research, Cable UK and Statista all point to this fact. Apparently, the high cost is due to some factors such as unavailability of infrastructure and high taxation.

Earlier, we published an article which detailed 20 African countries where mobile data is most expensive. In some of these countries such as Burkina Faso, 1 gigabyte data could cost as much as as $49.67. And without a doubt, this high cost of mobile data inevitably contributes to slowing down the continent’s digital evolution.

In a recent interview with Business Insider Africa, South African industrialist Ivor Ichikowitz commented on this issue of high cost of mobile data, saying:

“Unfortunately, part of the challenge that we’ve brought on the continent is that governments have given that responsibility of providing data to the telcos who are profiteering from the people of the continent by hiking data prices. The reality is that the most expensive data in the world is in Africa. And there is absolutely no reason for this other than the fact that governments entered into unsatisfactory agreements with telcos who only have a profit motive. That has to be resolved.”

But the good news is that not all African countries have costly mobile data. In some countries, 1 gigabyte data do cost as little as $0.27.

Below are 15 African countries with the cheapest average prices of mobile data, according to Statista.

  1. Sudan: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.27.
  2. Algeria: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.51.
  3. Somalia: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.60
  4. Ghana: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.66.
  5. Libya: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.74.
  6. Tanzania: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.75.
  7. Mauritius: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.75.
  8. Nigeria: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.88.
  9. Morocco: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.88.
  10. Cameroon: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.90.
  11. Senegal: 1 gigabyte data costs $0.94.
  12. Egypt: 1 gigabyte data costs $1.04.
  13. Tunisia: 1 gigabyte data costs $1.09.
  14. Djibouti: 1 gigabyte data costs $1.12.
  15. Zambia: 1 gigabyte data costs $1.13.

Source: Business Insider Africa

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