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August 23, 2022by myles0

With the accelerating digital transformation, the needs of businesses and individuals are multiplying around the world. Telecommunications operators are exploring different formulas to meet this demand. 

Finnish technology company Nokia announced on Monday, August 22, the successful testing of its fixed wireless access (FWA) network segmentation solution on Kenyan telecommunications company Safaricom’s commercial network. This solution allows the mobile operator to divide their physical network into several virtual segments, which can be optimized for a specific target application or service.

The pilot project took place in the Western Region of Kenya. The trial used a multi-vendor network environment and included RAN, transport and core, as well as software upgrades for a range of Nokia products and services. These include Nokia’s AirScale 4G/5G base stations, NetAct network management and assurance system, and Nokia’s FastMile 4G/5G CPE.

Network segmentation has emerged in the era of 5G and digital transformation, where different sectors of the economy are looking to leverage the power of technology to drive their growth. We are therefore witnessing an explosion in demand and a diversification of needs both at the level of companies and individuals. The GSMA estimates that in combination with other tools and capabilities, network segmentation will enable operators to seize a $300 billion revenue opportunity by 2025.

The success of this trial, a first in Africa, shows that Safaricom is now ready to support new types of enterprise network services, including fast Internet access and application slicing.

“  We are proud to have hosted the first successful test of segmented 4G/5G in Africa on our network, and we look forward to tailoring our service offerings to individual customers and industries to meet their high-speed connectivity needs. throughput accurately and without unnecessary cost  ,” said James Maitai, network director at Safaricom.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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