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More Africa NewsSouth Sudan and Djibouti have signed a fiber optic interconnection agreement

September 22, 2022by myles0

Without affordable and quality Internet service for the entire population, the digital economy will be distorted. The South Sudanese government, which is well aware of this, has been working since 2020 to consolidate its data capacities.

On Monday, September 19, South Sudan and Djibouti unveiled the signing of a fiber optic interconnection memorandum of understanding. The high-speed telecom infrastructure will leave from Djibouti, cross Ethiopia to Juba. For South Sudan, this interconnection will connect the national capital to the rest of the world, as well as reduce the high cost of Internet access.

According to the South Sudanese Ministry of Information, Communication Technology and Postal Services, the memorandum of understanding will be followed by the formation of a technical team from the two countries to carry out this project which is of strategic importance for South Sudan.

The Djiboutian optical fiber that South Sudan will draw will be added to other similar infrastructures, which the country already has, deployed through private and public initiatives.

In January 2020, broadband connectivity provider Liquid Intelligent Technologies announced the effective installation of a 200 km fiber backbone linking the Ugandan border via Nimule to Juba. To this were added several metropolitan nodes in the capital.

As part of the East Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development Facilitation Program, South Sudan has also benefited from a fiber optic interconnection with Kenya. 630 km of optical fiber were deployed from October 2020 on the border between the two countries with funding from the World Bank and the Kenyan government.

Like the majority of African countries, South Sudan also has an ambition for digital transformation. The additional data capacities that the country wants to acquire will allow it to realize this vision for the majority of the population.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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