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October 3, 2022by myles0

Music and video streaming will be the next ventures for ethio telecom, under the leadership of Frehiwot Tamiru.

It is going to be a part of its new three-year strategy, dubbed LEAD, replacing BRIDGE, which forecasts the subscriber base of the telecom provider to reach 73.5 million with 75.05 billion birr in revenue until the end of this year.

The new venture of ethio telecom announced as its sole competitor, Safaricom, is in preparation for a grand launch in the coming week.

Frehiwot Tamiru, the CEO of the state giant, says this is a part of its “offensive strategies.”

The telecom provider has already issued a request for proposals for music streaming service providers in February 2022, 12 days after it announced a call for developers of a platform for video streaming services.

The streaming services will be compatible with different devices and feature international and national music and songs, audio podcasts, religious content, and talk shows.

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) Basekit site builder, CHATBOT, Teledrive, Magic Voice Service, and mobile device insurance are among the new products under development by ethio telecom. They will be open to users in the coming weeks.

“The telecom sector is under fast transformation, and ethio telecom has observed these changes and made all the necessary adjustments and prepared a three-year strategy,” Frehiwot said.

An electronic smart card inside a mobile phone (eSIM) is one of the services recently launched by the company. It allows customers to use more than one service or phone number on a single device, and multiple profiles can be provisioned over the air, according to the company.

The Basekit site builder is also among the new products set to be launched by ethio telecom. It is an intuitive website builder that creates websites in many languages. The service is said to be aimed at assisting small businesses (enterprises) in creating websites with powerful template engines, creating modulated emails, and adding manageable content with basic widgets and the baseKit editor.

In request for proposal issued on February 4, 2022, ethio telecom has invited interested applicants for the development of streaming/IPTV service that provides television programing and other video content.

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