More Africa NewsNigeria: MTN wants to facilitate access for its subscribers to 4G and 5G smartphones

October 17, 2022by myles0

This partnership will enable MTN Nigeria to accelerate digital inclusion and smartphone penetration in the country. According to data from the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), the country had 209.9 million mobile phone subscribers in August.

The mobile operator MTN Nigeria announced on Wednesday, October 12, that it had signed an agreement with the smartphone financing platform Intelligra. This partnership will give individuals the ability to purchase 4G and 5G smartphones with the ability to pay later in installments.

Thanks to this partnership, MTN plans to finance up to 1,000 devices per day, from 2023, we learn. Subscribers will be able to choose brands and models of phones according to their preferences.

This initiative comes a few weeks after MTN officially launched 5G in Nigeria. Aware of the fact that the adoption of this latest generation mobile technology is notably slowed down by the high cost of compatible telephones, the company is multiplying initiatives to remove this barrier. The mobile operator had already signed a partnership agreement with the Chinese telecom manufacturer Vivo for the provision of “affordable” 5G-compatible smartphones to the telecom company.

“  Partnering with Intelligra will drive financial inclusion, digital device funding goals and affordability for the average person. It will also allow customers to access the Internet, entertainment and education; and users to communicate easily  ,” said Adia Sowho, Director of Marketing at MTN Nigeria.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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