More Africa to land major subsea cable system in Djibouti next year.

October 18, 2022by myles0

Wingu is happy to announce that we will be landing a major cable system, for which we have already started building Djibouti’s first and only integrated cable landing station (CLS) and data center.  This facility is carrier-neutral, Tier 3-certified, and connected to all current telecom infrastructure in Djibouti, as well as the growing Wingu ecosystem of carrier-neutral data centers across Africa.  

With this new and unique facility in Djibouti and the other new facilities we are more than doubling our footprint and significantly expanding our East African network, ready to provide high quality and affordable colocation services for businesses looking to grow in Djibouti, East Africa and to connect with the world.

Wingu’s Tier 3-certified, carrier-neutral data center will host cable terminations, and offer colocation services, placing customers in an open and dynamic environment.  The facility will be linked to the other data centers in the Wingu Group, now operating at strategic points across the Horn and East Africa.

Wingu has a long history in Djibouti, where it established the nation’s first carrier-neutral data center over a decade ago.  Major cable systems and their investors are favouring carrier-neutral facilities more and more because they want to ensure maximum openness and ease of doing business with a wide range of end users and other operators.  Wingu has recognized this trend and is rolling out an expansion plan across East Africa to fit this demand and the group now has multiple carrier-neutral facilities, located in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Tanzania. The new integrated CLS and data center now under construction is also an example of the cooperation anticipated from the partnership between TO7 Networks and Wingu announced early in the year.

Djibouti is a strategic hub for traffic into Africa and a global interconnection point, and Wingu has operated a successful carrier-neutral data center for nearly a decade,” said Mr. Anthony Voscarides, CEO of the Wingu Group.  “Wingu recognizes the benefits of working with local partners and is delighted to partner with TO7 to offer the first and only carrier-neutral CLS and data center in the country.

Mrs. Fatma Ismael, CEO of TO7, added: “The partnership allows TO7 to play its role in realizing Djibouti’s strategy to enhance the country’s attractiveness as a hub for telecommunications players and investment.  This initiative is both necessary, due to the requirement for carrier-neutrality, and complementary to Djibouti’s established infrastructure and cable system customers, as all the country’s telecommunications infrastructure will be connected, allowing customers open access and maximum flexibility.”

The imminent arrival of another important subsea cable system is an important milestone for Wingu, as the cable will land in the group’s integrated facility, and also for Djibouti as a nation, bringing with it the latest evolution in technology and exciting possibilities when it comes to high speed internet, robust connectivity and open access.


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