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More Africa NewsVodacom Tanzania rolls out routers to drive up 5G deployment

November 17, 2022by myles0

Vodacom Tanzania has launched 5G fixed wireless access routers to enable homes and offices to access 5G internet.

In September, Vodacom Tanzania launched the country’s first 5G network and recently acquired spectrum portfolios that it intends to use for network expansions and investments, including 5G deployments.

Vodacom Tanzania Director Enterprise Business Unit Director, Arjun Dhillon said, “Although 5G was launched in the country, it has not been accessible to many of our customers and businesses due to mobile device limitations in terms of capabilities to latch onto 5G, so today we are excited to launch our 5G routers which will enable allow our customers to enjoy 5G internet.”

“5G Home and Business Internet, powered by the only 5G network in the country is ideal for anyone who wants ultra-fast connectivity to stream, game, or work flexibly. For businesses, 5G adoption means higher productivity, efficiency, and more connections while for homes it means smarter homes and better internet experience.”

According to Arjun the 5G routers for business represent a unique intersection of flexibility and fibre-fast performance, enabling Wireless WAN connectivity and forward-thinking innovation for fixed and temporary locations, vehicles, and beyond.

Vodacom Tanzania says “companies can expect to see faster time-to-value from their IoT initiatives, greater opportunity to eliminate costly-wired installation, and maintenance, increased network uptime, and resilience associated with wired options.”

Vodacom’s Head of Brand and Communication Warda Kimaro said 5G will greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks and expand them to enable hundreds of thousands of connections.

“To experience the transformative power of 5G to their home and businesses, our customers can reach us through our various access points such as emails, calling, shops or websites”

Vodacom Tanzania is offering various 5G tariffs to customers, with speeds of up to 350Mbps and a monthly data charge to suit their specific needs.

At present, the 5G network has coverage in Dar es Salaam only with plans to expand 5G technology to approximately 230 locations in the country, including Arusha, Dodoma, Mwanza, Iringa, Kagera, Zanzibar, and Mbeya.

Source: IT Web Africa

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