More Africa NewsZain plans to invest USD 800 million in its Sudan business over the next five years

December 1, 2022by myles0

Consumer needs for telecom services have changed a lot since the Covid-19 pandemic. Operators are stepping up investments to meet current and future challenges in the sector and remain competitive over the coming years.

The Kuwaiti telecommunications group Zain announced on Wednesday, November 30, that it will invest 800 million USD in its activities in Sudan over the next five years. The company will be able to modernize the network infrastructures of its local subsidiary and deploy new ones in order to meet the growing demand for digital services.

Zain’s five-year investment program in Sudan comes against a backdrop of accelerated digital transformation marked, in particular, by strong consumer demand for broadband connectivity and the emergence of new digital consumption patterns. Telecom operators are therefore investing in the modernization of their network in order to be able to introduce the latest technologies and reach more people.

In addition, the MTN group, Zain’s main rival in Sudan, recently signed a partnership agreement with the American company LigaData to accelerate the digital transformation of its activities in the country. The company also has an ongoing ten-year partnership with Canada’s NuRAN Wireless to deploy more than 500 telecom sites in rural areas of Sudan.

Zain’s investment should enable the company to strengthen its position in the Sudanese telecom market. For the first nine months of 2022, Zain Sudan generated revenue of $339 million (up 41%), with EBITDA of $178 million. The company also saw its subscriber base grow to 16.2 million.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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