More Africa NewsAngola: executives entrust the modernization of Angola Telecom to a consortium led by Gemcorp

December 20, 2022by myles0

Angola Telecom’s restructuring process continues. The government is seeking to take advantage of the expertise of the private sector to strengthen the capacities of the incumbent telecommunications operator in a context of accelerated digital transformation. 

The Angolan government has announced that it has entrusted the rehabilitation and extension of the transmission networks of the incumbent operator Angola Telecom to a consortium led by the asset manager Gemcorp. A service contract will be officially signed between the two parties to ratify the partnership estimated at $188.8 million.

This partnership is part of the Angola Telecom restructuring process initiated by the Angolan government. In September 2021, Luanda embarked on the search for a private partner who will take care, for 15 years, of the management and operation of the national telecommunications infrastructure, the metropolitan fiber optic network and the the activity of the incumbent operator.

Angola Telecom’s restructuring process is part of a broad strategic program to improve the national economy initiated in 2019 through greater private sector participation, among other initiatives. This program saw the sale of the State’s 51% stake in the connectivity provider Net One and 90% of the capital of the company Multitel Serviços de Telecomunicações, which specializes in the supply of Internet services for businesses.

According to the government, this partnership should allow the various electronic communications operators “  to benefit from access to a robust and redundant national coverage network, and to offer their subscribers quality services at competitive prices  ”. This should accelerate the growth of the Angolan telecom sector as well as the digital economy and socio-economic development ambitions of the Angolan government.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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