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More Africa NewsNamibia: the regulator will provide additional frequencies to improve the quality of service

January 23, 2023by myles0

A large part of the Namibian population remains deprived of telecommunications services despite the acceleration of digital transformation. The regulator wants to give operators more technical capacity to better cover the population and meet growing demand.

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) has stated that it will make the 800 MHz and 700 MHz frequency bands available in 2023. The purpose of this measure is to improve the coverage and quality of telecommunications services provided in the country.

According to CRAN, this initiative should allow operators to increase the current population coverage from 85% to 88% without adding new towers. “  These two frequency bands will also allow operators to deploy 5G services in addition to 4G services, ensuring optimal use of spectrum to drive digital inclusion across Namibia  ,” says Spokesperson Katrina Sikeni (pictured) of the regulator.

This measure is part of the regulator’s commitment to do more to promote technological innovation and improve the quality of service and customer experience in Namibia. It comes a few weeks after the publication of the report on the telecommunications market for the year 2021. This report indicates that the coverage rate of the Namibian population is 96% for 2G, 89% for 3G and 79% for the 4G. The country has 2.8 million mobile phone subscribers, a penetration of 115.7%.

CRAN also plans to allocate telecoms spectrum for 5G to operators before March 2023 and to set up a fund for universal service. These various measures should make it possible to guarantee telecom services to 95% of the population by 2024, in accordance with the provisions of the national broadband policy in a context of accelerated digital transformation.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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