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More Africa NewsMTN hikes prices, blaming power cuts and crime

February 23, 2023by myles0

MTN South Africa is increasing its consumer post-paid subscription fees by an average of 5.1%, blaming a “challenging market environment” for the need to push through the price hikes.

The new prices will come into effect on 1 April.

“The impact of the inflationary environment has resulted in increased input costs, driven by load shedding and rising fuel usage, which has been further aggravated by ongoing battery theft and vandalism,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

Describing the increases as “unavoidable”, MTN said it will continue to invest in its network, including in battery roll-out to mitigate against the impact of load shedding.

“In some instances, the actual subscription fee increase may be higher than the average of 5.1%, with a maximum of 7.4%. This mainly represents a R10 increase from R135 to R145 on our Mega XS price plans,” MTN said.

Voice call rates per minute will also be increased on average by 4%, or a maximum of 10c/minute. Out-of-bundle data and SMS rates have been reduced to 25c/MB and 35c/message, respectively.

Instalments on handsets and other devices as part of contract deals will not be affected by the increase.


“We want to assure customers we are working very hard to build the resilience of our network with batteries and generators and added security to guard against theft and vandalism,” the company said.

Details about all of the adjusted prices are included in the MTN-supplied table below.  – © 2023 NewsCentral Media

Subscription fee per monthLocal voice call
Consumer contract price planNewVarianceVar %NewVarianceVar %
MyMTN Sky Bronze889.0050.006.0%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Bronze TopUp889.0030.003.5%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Silver1,099.0050.004.8%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Silver TopUp1,099.0030.002.8%0.500.000.0%
MTN Sky1,099.0050.004.8%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Gold1,649.0074.004.7%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Gold TopUp1,649.0054.003.4%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Platinum2,199.00100.004.8%0.500.000.0%
MyMTN Sky Platinum TopUp2,199.0080.003.8%0.500.000.0%
MTN Mega Gigs XS145.0010.007.4%
MTN Mega Gigs XS TopUp145.00(10.00)-6.5%
MTN Mega Gigs S219.0010.004.8%
MTN Mega Gigs S TopUp219.00(10.00)-4.4%
MTN Mega Gigs M335.0020.006.3%
MTN Mega Gigs M TopUp335.000.000.0%
MTN Mega Gigs L449.0030.007.2%
MTN Mega Gigs L TopUp449.0010.002.3%
MTN Mega Gigs XL649.0020.003.2%
MTN Mega Gigs XL TopUp649.000.000.0%
MTN Mega Talk XS145.0010.007.4%
MTN Mega Talk XS TopUp145.00(10.00)-6.5%
MTN Mega Talk S219.0010.004.8%0.950.066.7%
MTN Mega Talk S TopUp219.00(10.00)-4.4%0.950.066.7%
MTN Mega Talk M335.0020.006.3%0.850.067.6%
MTN Mega Talk M TopUp335.000.000.0%0.850.067.6%
MTN Mega Talk L449.0030.007.2%0.690.000.0%
MTN Mega Talk L TopUp449.0010.002.3%0.690.000.0%
MTN Mega Talk XL649.0020.003.2%0.500.000.0%
MTN Mega Talk XL TopUp649.000.000.0%0.500.000.0%
My MTN Mega Flex R6552.503.507.1%
My MTN Mega Flex R65 TopUp70.001.001.4%
My MTN Mega Flex R135105.006.006.1%
My MTN Mega Flex R135 TopUp125.006.005.0%
My MTN Mega Flex R230170.0011.006.9%
My MTN Mega Flex R230 TopUp190.0011.006.1%
My MTN Mega Flex R370265.0016.006.4%
My MTN Mega Flex R370 TopUp285.0016.005.9%
My MTNChoice 1GB32.002.006.7%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 1GB TopUp53.003.006.0%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 2GB42.502.506.3%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 2GB TopUp64.004.006.7%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 8GB112.507.507.1%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 8GB TopUp132.507.506.0%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 20GB165.0010.006.5%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 20GB TopUp185.0010.005.7%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 40GB219.0010.004.8%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 40GB TopUp239.0010.004.4%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 80GB335.0020.006.3%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 80GB TopUp349.0014.004.2%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 100GB559.0034.006.5%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice 100GB TopUp579.0034.006.2%1.990.000.0%
MTN Made For Home 150GB319.0020.006.7%1.990.000.0%
MTN Made For Home 220GB419.0020.005.0%1.990.000.0%
MTN Made For Home 400GB739.0040.005.7%1.990.000.0%
MTN Made For Home 1TB1,449.0050.003.6%1.990.000.0%
MyMTN Home Uncapped FLTE 10Mbps FUP 400GB 2Mbps529.0030.006.0%1.990.000.0%
MyMTN Home Uncapped FLTE 20Mbps FUP 600GB 4Mbps739.0040.005.7%1.990.000.0%
MyMTN Home Uncapped FLTE 30Mbps FUP 700GB 4Mbps849.0050.006.3%1.990.000.0%
MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G 30Mbps FUP 800GB 4Mbps949.0050.005.6%1.990.000.0%
MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G 50Mbps FUP 1TB 4Mbps1,049.0050.005.0%1.990.000.0%
MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G 100Mbps FUP 2TB 4Mbps1,149.0050.004.5%1.990.000.0%
My MTNChoice Flexi R3030.000.000.0%1.990.094.7%
My MTNChoice Flexi R5555.000.000.0%1.990.094.7%
My MTNChoice Flexi R6060.000.000.0%1.990.094.7%
My MTNChoice Flexi R110110.000.000.0%1.990.094.7%
My MTNChoice Flexi R120120.000.000.0%1.990.094.7%
My MTNChoice Flexi R200200.000.000.0%1.900.095.0%
My MTNChoice Flexi R220220.000.000.0%1.900.095.0%
My MTNChoice Flexi R350350.000.000.0%1.900.095.0%
MTN Made For Me XS112.507.507.1%
MTN Made For Me S219.0010.004.8%
MTN Made For Me M335.0020.006.3%0.850.067.6%
MTN Made For Me L499.0024.005.1%0.690.000.0%
MTN Made For Me XL779.0044.006.0%0.500.000.0%
My MTNChoice Zero0.000.000.0%1.900.105.6%
MyMTN Sky Zero0.000.000.0%1.900.105.6%
MTN 50GB – Black Friday 2022209.0010.005.0%1.990.000.0%
MTN 100GB – Black Friday 2022319.0020.006.7%1.990.000.0%
MTN Sky Bronze – Black Friday 2022639.0040.006.7%0.500.000.0%

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