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March 27, 2023by myles0

In November 2022, the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy (MPTEN) of the Republic of Guinea granted GUINÉENNE DE FIBER OPTIQUE (GFO), an Operator’s License for ‘Metropolitan infrastructure for the provision of interconnection services and fiber optic transport for the benefit of operators and telecommunications service providers.

La GUINEENNE DE FIBER OPTIQUE (GFO), the leading metropolitan infrastructure operator, announces the approval of its catalog of services and prices by the Regulatory Authority for Posts and Telecommunications (ARPT) of the Republic of Guinea and is thus authorized for the effective marketing of its benefits and services.

The GUINÉENNE DE FIBER OPTIQUE (GFO) stems from a strategic partnership agreement for the design, financing, development and operation of telecommunications infrastructure on the aerial passive electrical network owned by Electricité de Guinée (EDG).

GUINÉENNE DE FIBER OPTIQUE (GFO) is positioned as a major player in the sector which, technically, technologically and strategically, alongside telecommunications service providers, is driving the dynamics of access to the Internet at very broadband, the democratization of Internet access for as many people as possible and the fall in prices for the end user. She believes in fiber optics as the future of Internet distribution in Guinea, accelerating the development of the country’s digital economy and growth.

GUINEENNE DE FIBER OPTIQUE (GFO) will make available to its customers (Infrastructure Operators, Mobile Telephony Operators, Internet Access Providers and Special State Networks), the benefits and services of:

  • Capacity transport by optical fiber (or Dark Fiber)
  • Supply of Capacity and Transport on the network

The License obliges us and our economic model integrates the sharing of infrastructures and the pooling of our services between several operators. Our offer complements the national backbone of the Société de Gestion et d’Exploitation du Backbone National (SOGEB), which provides fiber for interurban links and interconnections.

Having already deployed more than 440 kilometers of optical fiber in the Conakry region, La GUINEENNE DE FIBER OPTIQUE (GFO), for the current year, undertakes to deploy over 1200 kilometers with ten (10) prefectures in sight, including Coyah, Dubreka, Kindia, Boké, Kamsar.

We are grateful to the authorities of the Republic of Guinea, in particular the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy and the Regulatory Authority for Posts and Telecommunications, for supporting the project. We renew our commitment to making the Internet accessible, through technological innovation and the innovative partnership that we represent.

The pooling of our infrastructure is a gain for the entire telecommunications ecosystem in Guinea because we ensure the investments, deployment, supervision and maintenance of the networks.

As an operator of fiber optic transport infrastructure, we are a neutral and available gateway for any operator. We are convinced that together, with all the other players in the sector, we can quickly achieve the objective of quality Internet at an affordable cost for all, in accordance with the vision of the President of the Transition, Colonel Mamadi DOUMBOUYA who has hammered and anchored his interest in the accelerated development of the telecommunications sector for the benefit of Guineans.

Lionel Chobli, President of Guinean Fiber Optics

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Source: Agence Ecofin

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