More Africa NewsConsortium signs contract to begin Angola Telecom network upgrades

April 26, 2023by myles0

Angola’s Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology & Social Communication (Ministerio das Telecomunicacoes, Tecnologias de Informacao e Comunicacao Social – MINTTICS) has signed a contract with a consortium of Gemcorp Commodities Global DMCC and Geoglobal Consulting Corp to begin the ‘rehabilitation’ and expansion of state-owned Angola Telecom’s rural and metropolitan transmission and access networks, reports Jornal de Angola. The project contract – worth USD188.8 million – also includes ‘transversal restructuring for the creation of internal processes’ at Angola Telecom to ‘allow it to improve the conduct, billing and efficiency of its services’.

The Gemcorp-led consortium was selected in December 2022 as Angola Telecom’s private sector partner for a 15-year term, under a plan approved by a Presidential Order in June 2021.

Source: Commsupdate

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