More Africa NewsAngola Telecom launches project to provide free Internet in remote areas with AngoSat-2 satellite

June 27, 2023by myles0

The AngoSat-2 satellite was launched in October 2022. The government authorized its commercialization in January 2023. As of March, it was already providing free high-speed Internet connectivity in hospitals, administrations, schools and universities of seven provinces of Angola. 

The public company Angola Telecom has launched a project called “Conecta Angola” to provide free Internet connectivity in remote areas of Angola where none of the country’s mobile operators are active by relying on the capacities of the Angosat-2 satellite. . The project targets in particular public institutions such as schools, hospitals and municipal administrations.

According to Eusébio Santos, Sales Manager of Angola Telecom, the first phase of the project is to bring the service to unserved and internet excluded regions. During the second phase, Angola Telecom will integrate small and medium enterprises that operate in these regions to share infrastructure.

This project comes about six months after Angolan President João Lourenço authorized, by decree, the commercialization of AngoSat-2. The craft was put into orbit in October 2022. It was launched by Russia, which built it to replace the AngoSat-1 satellite, which was lost in space shortly after its launch in 2017. In March 2023, the satellite was already providing free high-speed Internet connectivity to hospitals, administrations, schools and universities in seven provinces of Angola.

The initiative is part of the National Spatial Strategy of Angola. The Angolan government has set itself the objective of using space technology to accelerate the country’s development, in particular by improving the quality and coverage of telecom services. A particular focus is placed on remote and underserved communities in order to quickly bridge the digital divide.

The “Conecta Angola” project is expected to improve the use of Internet services and accelerate the digital transformation of all sectors of the Angolan economy. Angola has 10.08 million Internet users, according to the latest statistics from the Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM).

Source: Agence Ecofin

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