More Africa NewsEthiopia’s Chapa, Telegram join forces in financial inclusion drive

July 7, 2023by myles0

Ethiopian fintech Chapa has partnered with Telegram to support merchants with digital payments.

Chapa says the collaboration empowers merchants using Telegram to accept payments, marking a significant milestone for financial inclusion and digital payments in Ethiopia.

The company is a payments solution provider transforming digital payments in Ethiopia, supporting businesses and merchants to connect with customers.

According to the fintech, Telegram is a trusted platform for communication in the country, surpassing Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

To this end, the company says integration with Telegram’s bot ecosystem allows merchants to accept payments without requiring customers to leave the app.

“Whether through mobile money, bank transfers, or debit/credit cards, Chapa enables users to make payments instantly, enhancing convenience and accessibility. This partnership brings a new level of ease and efficiency to the world of e-commerce, benefiting both businesses and consumers,” says the company.

Israel Goytom, CTO and co-founder of Chapa comments: “We are honored to represent Ethiopia on the international stage as the exclusive Telegram payment provider in Africa.

“This noteworthy accomplishment speaks to the progress of our emerging fintech sector and reaffirms our commitment to drive financial technology advancements within the region.”

Source: IT Web Africa

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