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July 25, 2023by myles0

The Nigerien telecoms market is disputed by four operators: Airtel, Zamani, Moov Africa and Niger Telecoms. At the end of the year 2022, they generated a total turnover of approximately 406.7 million USD.

Niger’s Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) announced last week that it had imposed a fine of 4.32 billion CFA francs ($7.3 million) on telecommunications operators operating in the country. The regulator criticizes Celtel (Airtel Niger), Moov Africa, Niger Telecoms and Zamani for not respecting their quality of service commitments to consumers.

According to ARCEP, Zamani must pay 1.36 billion FCFA to the public treasury; Airtel CFAF 1.35 billion; Niger Telecoms 1.19 billion FCFA and Moov Africa 402.5 million FCFA.

Recall that in August 2022, ARCEP had given formal notice to the four telecom operators following a campaign to control the quality of services offered by mobile networks in a dozen localities in the country. It had given them four months, from August 31, 2022, to correct the deficiencies noted.

From January 9 to March 20, the telecoms policeman carried out a new measurement campaign in the same localities in order to verify whether or not the shortcomings noted during the first campaign had been corrected. Niger Telecoms, Zamani, Airtel and Moov Africa posted correction rates of 20.68%; 22.5%; 55.68% and 62.2%, respectively.

Through this financial penalty, ARCEP wants to induce telecom operators to comply with the standards set out in their respective specifications with regard to the quality and coverage of telecom services. Improving the quality and coverage of telecom services should benefit not only consumers, but also telecom companies and the State.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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