More Africa NewsUganda: Price of Internet Cut From U.S.$70 to U.S.$35 – ICT Minister

August 3, 2023by myles0

Minister for ICT and National Guidance Chris Baryomunsi has announced a 50% reduction in the price of the internet.

“I’m delighted to announce that effective today 1st of August 2023 the Price of the Internet has reduced from $70 to $35 per Mbps per month. This landmark achievement solidifies Government’s position as the undisputed market leader in setting Internet prices,” Baryomunsi said a press briefing together with the National Information Technology Authority (NITA Uganda) at the media centre today.

Baryomunsi added that, “Our actions today will inspire Private Internet Service Providers to follow suit, ultimately benefiting all Ugandans with more affordable and accessible Internet services for its unprecedented opportunities in innovation growth and development.”

The Minister hailed NITA forexpeditiously implemented the first phases of the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure project (NBI) to serve as the primary vehicle for all Government data, Internet, and voice services.

He said the the use of the NBI as a secure highspeed network for the government has led to lowering the cost of communication across the Government and further enabled the extension of the geographic reach of broadband networks across the country.

Previously, internet prices were about $1,200 per MBPs then were reduced prices to 600 $ in 2014 and a further $300 in 2016 as more Government MDAs and public offices were connected to the National Backbone Infrastructure. The National Backbone now extends to all regions of the country spanning 4,300km extending connectivity to around 4,360 Government office

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