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August 7, 2023by myles0

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has cautioned against using telecom devices that have not been ‘type certified’ by the regulator.

On Saturday, the NCC issued a warning against purchasing or selling such devices, stating that anyone discovered selling non-type approved devices could face arrest and prosecution.

The NCC says that non-type approved telecoms devices are low-quality items that have not been approved by the industry’s regulator, and are known to damage network quality.

“The NCC established procedures for certifying telecom products sellable and usable in Nigeria, which explains the Commission’s efforts to raise awareness to ensure that substandard products are not circulated in any market in Nigeria,” said Dr Emilia Nwokoro, deputy director, Consumer Affairs Bureau, speaking on behalf of the NCC’s executive vice president, Prof Umar Garba Danbatta.

The regulator stated in a statement: “The certification of telecom devices used in the telecom sector is one of the NCC’s mandates as enshrined in the Nigerian Communications Act (2003), whose central objective is the protection of the rights and interests of consumers.”

According to Nwokoro, the Commission has developed a mechanism for telecom device approval, and all type approved devices have been published on the NCC website for public and user reference.

As a result, she advised dealers to use this information to distinguish between type approved and non-type approved phone gadgets.

Source: IT Web Africa

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