More Africa NewsEthio-Telecom’s Tele Birr Tallies 358m Transactions, 34m Users In 2 Years

August 9, 2023by myles0

Debuted in May 2021, Ethio-Telecom’s Tele Birr Super App, a mobile money solution within Ethiopia, has tallied over 358 million transactions, with over 34 million users from 44 countries.

This has amounted to an impressive 746 billion Ethiopian Birr. International remittances through this platform have also reached about $2.4 million. Its unsecured loan offering has marked a radical shift in Ethiopia’s financial scene, extending microcredit facilities to underserved segments such as the youth and women.

G Media, a branding and advertising agency serving both domestic and global clientele, amplified Ethio-Telecom’s digital marketing thrust and aided in the launch of the Tele Birr Super App, which added to their ambitious milestones.

Co-founder of Gebeya Inc, and G Media’s Business Advisor, Amadou Daffe, in a press statement, made available to LEADERSHIP, said, “Success in the digital marketing space is about more than just promotions and campaigns; it is also about developing a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

“Having worked with Bereket Taffese (G Media CEO), he is not only achieving fantastic things with G Media, but is also very intentional about paving the way for powerful and thriving brand strategies in the ever-changing digital landscape.”

Headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, G Media is an esteemed branding and advertising agency serving both domestic and global clientele. Within its creative walls is an animation studio that breathes life into African folklore, portraying it in a fresh and genuine manner. G Media has earned its accolades by delivering top-tier digital marketing solutions across the African continent.

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