More Africa NewsBoston IT, Liquid C2 deploy Azure Stack in Zambia

August 17, 2023by myles0

Boston IT Solutions South Africa has partnered with Liquid C2 to provide a hybrid cloud infrastructure deployment solution for the African continent.

Today, Boston announced that the first centres will be launched in Zambia, enabling businesses in the region to access cloud solutions that meet local data regulatory requirements and operate latency-sensitive business applications efficiently.

According to Liquid C2, a division of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, the companies can set up Azure clusters for customers by providing a comprehensive solution for each installation.

Winston Ritson, chief operations officer, Liquid C2, commented: “In addition to being able to cater to the ever-growing demand for cloud solutions, we are now confident that our customers will experience the same consistent services across the continent.”

Chris Coetzee, business director, Boston IT Solutions South Africa, added: “We cannot wait to see what new doors open thanks to the increased connectivity across borders.”

Source: IT Web Africa

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