More Africa NewsBoost For Starlink In Kenya After Meeting With President Ruto

August 18, 2023by myles0

In a move to realize his ambitious Digital Super Highway masterplan, Kenyan President, William Ruto has joined forces with Elon Musk’s Starlink Company. The collaboration aims to propel the nation’s economy forward and generate employment opportunities, all while bridging the digital divide that has long hindered progress. The meeting held on Tuesday, August 15 was between President Ruto and Karibu Connect, a partner company authorized by Starlink to resell its products and services in Kenya.

At the heart of the masterplan lies the promise of ensuring that all corners of the nation can harness the power of the Internet to foster economic growth and social advancement. The meeting, held at Eldoret Estate Lodge in Uasin Gishu County, underscored President Ruto’s commitment to expanding his digital master plan across the entire nation. He stressed the importance of embracing emerging technologies, including satellite connectivity, to accelerate economic progress.

President Ruto extended an invitation to investors and partners to bolster high-speed internet access nationwide. He also lifted the 30 percent cap on local ownership, paving the way for increased investment from technology companies within Kenya. This strategic decision is expected to foster innovation, create job opportunities, and revolutionize Kenya’s digital landscape.

“In addition to fibre connectivity, new emerging connectivity solutions such as satellite will be considered,” Ruto stated. Satellite is Musk’s forte.

Starlink’s entrance into the Kenyan market in July of this year marked a turning point in the nation’s digital journey. The dollar billionaire emphasized that Starlink internet would be accessible throughout the country, including remote areas.


Starlink’s network plans are broken down into residential, commercial, roaming, maritime, and aviation categories. The home package, priced at  USD 45.69 (KES6, 500)per month with an additional USD 21.69 (KES 3, 100)shipping fee, provides households with dependable internet connectivity. For businesses, the packages offer impressive options starting from the 1 Terabyte (TB) business package of priority data followed by unlimited standard data, at a cost of USD 95.40 (KES 13, 572). The second tier is valued at USD 190.81 ( KES 27, 144).

Under the roaming package, Starlink is offering three services; mobile (regional), mobile (global) and mobile priority 50-GB data. Users can opt for the regional package costing USD 55.53 (KES 7,900) per month or the international package at USD 230.57 (KES 32,800) per month.

The strategic partnership will empower Kenyans to take full advantage of the digital age fostering economic growth and inclusivity hence ensuring that every Kenyan partakes in the digital transformation.

Source: CIO Africa

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