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August 22, 2023by myles0

Ghana has called on its military services to join the country’s digitalisation efforts and assist in the development of cyber security defences.

Ghana’s Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, made the announcement on Friday at the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College graduation ceremony in Accra.

Bawumia called on the countries armed forces, and specifically the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College (GAFSC), to contribute to the government’s digitisation efforts, claiming that the military and technology are inextricably linked.

“It has long been recognised that the military and technology are inextricably linked,” he remarked.

“Indeed, many of the technologies we have today are the result of military research.” Microwave ovens, computers, GPS technology, the Internet, nuclear energy, walkie talkies, and other devices are examples.

“As a result, I expect the Ghana Armed Forces, particularly the GAFSC, to assist with strategies that will contribute to the government’s digitisation agenda.”

Bawumia added: “As I requested at last year’s graduation, government is looking forward to GAFSC developing modules and programmes that will challenge the ingenuity of the youth, particularly in digitalisation awareness and cyber security related issues.”

Dr. Bawumia praised the GAFSC for its tremendous influence as a knowledge hub, not just on Ghanaians, but also on many other African countries.

“I have repeatedly referred to GAFSC, as a prime national asset with a place of pride in Ghana, and the entire continent, as it continues to serve as a citadel of knowledge for our military and that of allied countries,” he added.

“Over time, GAFCSC has convincingly carved out a niche for itself as the preferred destination for allied officers and countries seeking professional excellence in their respective Armed Forces.”

With the college’s growing reputation, Bawumia urged the Staff College Control Board and the Military High Command to capitalise on its enhanced status and prominence, working to maintain the gains already made and possibly venturing into other unexplored areas necessary for national development.

Source: IT Web Africa

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