More Africa NewsMalawi and Zambia Collaborate to Provide Affordable Internet Connectivity

August 28, 2023by myles0

In a strategic move, Malawi has partnered with Zambia to bring affordable internet connectivity to its citizens. This development comes shortly after Malawi secured access to Elon Musk’s SpaceX internet service via Starlink.

The signing ceremony was graced by Moses Kunkuyu, Malawi’s Minister of Information and Digitalisation, who highlighted that cost-effective internet access will open up new avenues of opportunity for the populace. Zambia’s Minister of Technology and Research, Felix Mutati, underscored the economic advancement and expanded opportunities that connectivity can bring.

The partnership’s focal point is the creation of a ‘Diplomatic Data Corridor’ connecting Malawi’s Electricity Supply Corporation with Zambia’s Fibrecom. This joint effort aims to provide accessible and budget-friendly internet services.

Malawi’s communications regulator, MACRA, lauded the Diplomatic Data Corridor agreement as a significant stride forward for both nations. Minister Kunkuyu expressed that the pact’s primary objective is to curtail data costs, enabling Malawians to harness the internet’s potential across diverse industries.

The signing of this agreement will reduce data landing costs into the country, allowing Malawians to utilize the internet in various sectors.

Moses Kunkuyu, Minister of Information and Digitalisation, Malawi

The collaboration between Malawi and Zambia reflects a shared commitment to enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth through technology.

Source: Tech Africa News

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