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September 19, 2023by myles0

Vodacom is thrilled to introduce “ENHANCE,” a groundbreaking offering that empowers customers to personalize and enrich their contracts. This innovative feature grants customers the autonomy to construct their world of connectivity, entertainment, and gaming, all within a single package.

This streamlined value proposition simplifies the customer experience and aims to revolutionize how they engage with their mobile contracts. ENHANCE transcends conventional contracts, enabling customers to tailor their packages to suit their lifestyles, whether they’re avid gamers or fitness enthusiasts.

“We acknowledge that in today’s fast-paced world, consumers crave seamless solutions that simplify their daily lives. We believe that convenience is the ultimate form of sophistication. In response, we’ve meticulously crafted ENHANCE to address the ever-evolving lifestyle needs and preferences of our customers,” explains Rishaad Tayob, Consumer Director at Vodacom South Africa.

ENHANCE allows customers to consolidate their bills, consolidating numerous products and services into one unified bill, eliminating the need to manage multiple accounts. This flexibility extends to customers, their families, friends, and those close to them, offering the option to finance their contracts over 24-month or 36-month terms.

Customers can also upgrade their contracts or trade in their old devices. Additionally, they can choose from our selection of “Good As New” Apple smartphones.

ENHANCE also provides access to exclusive financial and digital lifestyle services through VodaPay, offering discounts and rewards through Vodacom’s flagship app. By bundling services, Vodacom passes on the benefits of economies of scale directly to the customer.

“As we transition from a telecommunications company to a technology player, we’re introducing technological solutions that empower customers with a seamless and effortless experience, allowing them to focus on what truly matters in their lives. With the introduction of ENHANCE, we provide customers with value, flexibility, and choice from our array of products and services to add to their contracts, redefining convenience and setting a new standard,” concludes Tayob.

This comprehensive product capability allows customers to add Plug & Play WiFi and UPS backup offers to stay online and powered up during load shedding. This dynamic contract also permits the addition of devices like the latest Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox for enhanced entertainment. Fitness enthusiasts can incorporate the latest smart wearables to monitor their sports performance and health.

With Vodacom OneNumber, customers can stay connected without carrying their primary mobile device. Those who love binge-watching their favorite shows can add value-added services (VASes) like Netflix, Showmax, Prime, and Apple Music through our add-to-bill feature.

Vodacom offers competitive rates for comprehensive insurance products to cover mobile devices, smart tech, and smart homes. Device insurance ensures full coverage in case of loss, theft, or damage, ensuring customers can quickly get back online after an incident.

ENHANCE is accessible in-store, online, and through VodaPay, providing customers with a seamless and convenient experience across all channels.

Source: IT News Africa

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