More Africa NewsAll broken subsea cables now repaired, including Sat-3

September 21, 2023by myles0

Telkom subsidiary Openserve confirmed on Wednesday that repairs to the Sat-3 cable system are complete, marking the end of repair work on three broken subsea cables.

“Openserve is pleased that the restoration on the Sat-3 undersea cable, which experienced a break recently, has been completed. The completion of this work is good news for internet users as this means that there is more available capacity and improved network resiliency,” the company said.

The cables broke last month off the coast of the Democratic Republic of Congo after a suspected rockfall in a subsea canyon.

Sat-3 is the last of the three undersea cables that were scheduled for repair by the crew of cable-laying vessel Léon Thévenin. It also carries the least traffic of the three systems. The West Africa Cable System (Wacs) and Africa Coast to Europe (Ace) undersea cables were repaired earlier this month.

With all three cables restored, the latency and speed degradation South Africans may have experienced in the past month should now be a thing of the past.

Openserve is a landing partner for the Wacs and Sat-3 undersea cable system consortiums in South Africa.

Source: Tech Central

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