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September 21, 2023by myles0

In September 2022, the NCA board approved a spectrum plan for 2G, 3G and 4G. He then tasked the regulator with developing a strategy for the allocation of 5G spectrum.

The Somali National Communications Authority (NCA) is already preparing to launch fifth generation mobile technology in the country. On Monday September 18, the regulator launched the consultation process for the National 5G Strategy that it is currently developing. Industry players have until November 2 to give their opinion on the subject.

The new strategy designs a specialized roadmap for the allocation of 5G spectrum and the development of the resulting infrastructure. The document emphasizes harmonized spectrum integrations in different bands and highlights the paramount importance of ecosystem preparedness. This includes the maturity of user devices and network equipment.

According to Ahmed Dirie, Minister of State for Communications and Technology (MOCT), the development of the 5G Strategy reflects the government’s ambition to accelerate the development of information and communication technologies in Somalia, in line with the ICT Policy and Strategy 2019-2024. It is with this in mind that the executive worked for the interconnection of the networks of Somali telecom operators, completed last March. Mogadishu is also negotiating with satellite internet provider Starlink to launch its services in the country.

“  It [the National 5G Strategy, Editor’s note] promises to promote economic growth and innovation, establish regulatory frameworks, promote leadership in research and introduce notable societal advances. The keystone of this strategy is the deployment of nationwide 5G infrastructure, ensuring equitable and affordable access to cutting-edge internet and communications services across Somalia’s vast territory,” the NCA said  .

Source: Agence Ecofin

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