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September 25, 2023by myles0

Tech specialists from academia, government, and the private sector have been analysing Cameroon’s digital transformation process in order to find flaws and propose tailor-made remedies.

Speaking at this week’s virtual Forum on Digital Transformation, Ebot Ebot Enaw, director general of the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, stated that the government is eager to accelerate the country’s digital transformation, with a focus on healthtech development.

According to Enaw, healthtech has a direct impact on population health, and the country might benefit significantly from the development of telemedicine and surgical robots to improve health coverage and provide better quality service at a lower cost.

“A digital transformation journey requires a staged approach with a clear roadmap involving a variety of stakeholders, beyond silos and internal constraints,” Enaw stated. “Indeed, it is a journey, not a destination, with three major stages: digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation.”

He stated that three factors are important to a successful digital transformation implementation: people, process, and technology.

“A successful digital transformation strategy should aim to advance the maturity of all three elements at the same time.” Any disparity in maturities indicates a faulty strategy.”

According to Enaw, privacy is critical to the success of any digital transformation programme because consumers and employees aren’t always prepared to sacrifice privacy and security for convenience.

Source: IT Web Africa

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