More Africa NewsSouth Africa: Vodacom will invest $53.2 million in its network in KwaZulu-Natal in 2023/2024

September 25, 2023by myles0

Vodacom has committed to investing R60 billion over five years to improve the coverage and resilience of its network in South Africa. For the current financial year, the company plans to invest approximately R500 million in the Eastern Cape and R570 million in the Western Cape.

Telecoms company Vodacom Group announced on Thursday 21 September that it will invest R1 billion (USD 53.2 million) in its operations in KwaZulu-Natal for the current 2023/2024 financial year. The company intends to improve the capacity and resilience of its network while expanding its coverage throughout the province, particularly in deep rural areas.

The telco plans to spend R700 million on radio access network, network capacity and upgrade projects, while R173 million will be allocated to improving core network infrastructure with the upgrade of 429 base station sites and the expansion of LTE capacity to 774 sites. It also plans to invest R235 million in energy projects, including the purchase of 68 generators.

The investment announcement comes about three weeks after Vodacom announced it will invest R570 million to strengthen its network capabilities and expand its coverage in the Western Cape province in 2023/2024. The company also plans to invest around 500 million in the Eastern Cape for similar reasons. Furthermore, it has committed to investing R60 billion in its operations in South Africa over the next five years.

These various investments are part of Vodacom’s ambition to extend its telecoms network to the entire rainbow nation, particularly rural areas. These areas contain thousands of potential telecoms subscribers which will allow the operator to strengthen its leading position in the national telecoms market in the face of competition led by MTN. The company must also maintain its network in operation and guarantee the continued provision of quality services to subscribers in a context of energy crisis.

“  As we pursue our goal of creating an inclusive digital society, we are investing significantly in the region’s network. By expanding access to reliable, quality connectivity through the deployment of new sites and network upgrades, we aim to provide our customers with an exceptional network experience. Through this effort, we hope to bring the benefits of digitalization to all the communities we serve  ,” said Imran Khan, Managing Director of Vodacom KwaZulu-Natal.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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