More Africa NewsParatus Zambia Partners with Lusaka Internet Exchange for Enhanced Digital Connectivity

September 29, 2023by myles0

Paratus Zambia has announced a landmark partnership with Lusaka Internet Exchange (LIXP) in a pioneering move that promises to redefine digital connectivity in Zambia. The Paratus Zambia Data Center (DC) has seamlessly integrated LIXP within its facilities, facilitating high-speed connectivity and hosting solutions for all providers in the DC. This will accelerate digital innovation and drive economic growth while significantly enhancing the quality of internet services for Zambia, which is at the forefront of a digital transformation.

Paratus Zambia’s Role in LIXP: This strategic collaboration between Paratus Zambia and LIXP signifies a significant milestone in Zambia’s digital journey as the DC has extended the reach of LIXP into its facility, enabling any provider within the Data Center to access the IXP at blazingly fast 10-gigabit per second speeds. This translates to remarkably reduced latency and seamless data transfer and will fundamentally reshape the internet experience for individuals and businesses alike.

The Significance of LIXP: An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) like LIXP serves as a vital pillar of a robust digital ecosystem. It brings together internet service providers, content providers, and telecommunications companies to directly exchange internet traffic. This reduces latency, lowers costs, and spurs digital innovation, ultimately benefiting the entire country.

Key Players Join LIXP: Paratus’s Data Center integration with LIXP has attracted a roster of key industry players, including Paratus, Inq, MTN, Infratel, Zamtel, Zamren, Liquid Telecom, FibreCom, Airtel Zambia, among others. This convergence of industry leaders underlines the pivotal role LIXP plays in transforming Zambia’s digital landscape.

Our company is dedicated to advancing Zambia’s digital capabilities and this partnership with LIXP is a further testament to our commitment.  We believe this collaboration will empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital age.

Marius van Vuuren, Country Manager, Paratus Zambia

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