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October 2, 2023by myles0

As the globe advances towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), a swirl of ideas has captivated the worldwide tech sector.

This has resulted in an influx of AI developers, whose inventiveness is transforming every part of human life, and, interestingly, Nigerians have also now entered this league.

Olatunbosun Amao, a Nigerian content producer and scriptwriter, has launched LexiGenius, an AI-powered writing app that delivers a variety of features intelligently crafted to help savvy writers, students, researchers, and professionals.

According to Amao, the app has the potential to significantly help Nigeria’s tech industry by improving content production, increasing efficiency, improving education, and encouraging innovation.

“It can position the country as a competitive player in the global tech arena, attracting investments and driving economic growth while nurturing a skilled workforce,” he stated.

LexiGenius, he claims, uses a combination of crucial components in its AI technology to provide subscribers with a user-friendly experience.

Among the key components are several user templates, machine learning techniques, adaptive suggestions, a user-friendly interface, and customisation options.

“The platform supports multiple languages and aims to provide a user-friendly experience by integrating AI technology seamlessly into the writing process,” he stated.

“LexiGenius helps content creators, bloggers, novelists, journalists, and other creative writers who rely on written content for their work,” he added.

“It can be a useful tool for students at all levels, from high school to university, to help them develop their writing skills, write well-structured essays, and improve their academic achievement. Business professionals that need to draft reports, emails, proposals, and other business-related documents can use it to ensure clear and professional communication.”

He added: “Journalists, authors, writers, copywriters, teachers, and other professionals can effectively use LexiGenius by embracing AI as a collaborative tool, investing in learning and adaptation, retaining human creativity and judgement, privacy, and security.”

Source: IT Web Africa

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