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November 30, 2023by myles0

The increase in the cost of energy has been one of Safaricom’s main concerns during the 2023 financial year. The company wants to reduce its costs to accelerate its growth.

Kenyan telecommunications company Safaricom has signed a partnership agreement with Nokia to reduce energy consumption and costs across its 3G, 4G and 5G networks. The Finnish technology company is deploying its AVA energy efficiency software on around 30,000 telecom sites to achieve energy savings of around 8 to 10%.

Nokia’s AVA energy efficiency solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to turn off idle and unused equipment during periods of low usage. It has already been tested by Safaricom and Nokia before its implementation.

The initiative is part of the cost reduction strategy implemented by Safaricom. The company said in its report for the financial year 2023 that the increase in the cost of energy (fuel and electricity) was among its major concerns during the said year. During the year, it solarized more than 1,400 telecoms sites, which enabled it to achieve 22% energy savings.

“  Network energy consumption is a difficult issue for operators in many respects, particularly in terms of costs and the environment. This deployment with Nokia represents an important step in helping Safaricom Kenya alleviate this problem while delivering the same network quality and reliability to our customers  ,” said Anthony Gacanja, Network Director at Safaricom Kenya.

Source: Agence Ecofin

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