More Africa NewsBayobab lands 2Africa cable in Ghana, Nigeria

February 8, 2024by myles0

Bayobab Group landed its 45,000km 2Africa cable in Ghana and Nigeria, marking the third and fourth in a series of six landings from the 2Africa subsea cable system.

In a statement, Bayobab CEO Frédéric Schepens detailed the cables landed in Ghana’s capital Accra and Lagos in Nigeria. The company partnered with MTN to complete the landings. It enables operators to tap into carrier-neutral data centres or open-access cable landing stations, to enhance connectivity availability for consumers and businesses.

Bayobab highlighted Nigeria and Ghana as key growth areas for West Africa’s digital economy. Ghana was highlighted as a “strategic market and hub” for bordering countries Togo, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. The country now has six subsea cables connected.

“The 2Africa initiative is at the core of the work we do as Bayobab, with the ultimate goal of connecting Africa to the world and the world to Africa. We are eager to continue offering services that will expand the rapidly growing African digital economy and positively impact growth across the continent,” said Schepens.

The 2Africa consortium is made up of Bayobab, center3, China Mobile International, Meta, Orange, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone Group, and WIOCC.

The cable system went live in 2023 with a design capacity of up to 180Tbps.

Source: Developing Telecoms 

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