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February 11, 2024by myles0

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced on Thursday, February 8, that telecommunications operators MTN and Globacom have “  amicably  ” resolved the dispute between them regarding interconnection debt. The regulator therefore revoked the authorization it had granted to MTN to partially disconnect its competitor.

The NCC, which played the role of mediator, did not specify the details of the agreement reached between the two parties. It is unclear whether Globacom has fully or partially paid its debt, the amount of which was not revealed, or whether it has committed to paying it within a certain time frame.

It was on January 8 that the NCC authorized MTN to partially disconnect Glo from its telecoms network after a period of 10 days. The regulator announced common ground between the two parties on January 17. A further period of 21 days has been granted to the two operators to resolve all outstanding issues between them.

The new agreement avoids a situation where it would be impossible for Globacom subscribers to make calls to MTN, although they will be able to receive them. The two operators alone have around 146.4 million mobile subscribers for a combined market share of 63.44%, according to the latest NCC statistics.

Recall that MTN had already partially blocked Glo in July 2019 for non-payment of interconnection fees which amounted to 4.4 billion naira (3.1 million USD). The suspension lasted for five days and ended when Glo made a partial payment of N2.6 billion and made commitments to settle the remaining debt.

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