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Adding Revenue and increasing customer volumes with Extensia Bridge Value Added Services:

Servicing the SME market

Do you have a large client base of SME customers? Are you looking to capture more of this important market or make sure you don’t lose market share to your competition? Our SME solution provides you with a complete Digital Suite of services which you can offer to your SME clients with layered pricing and package options to support entry to premium level access. Our digital sme suite provides your clients with affordable access to a self-build high quality website with back end functions including sales, marketing customer engagement, billing and invoicing. The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure so you simply need to configure, brand and customise to suit your market. No Capex and other than a small set up fee, we can offer the solution to you on a ‘Pay as you Grow’ revenue share basis. Are you leveraging the value of your SME marketplace potential?

Enterprise Customer Engagement

Our Enterprise Customer Engagement suite of services can be provided as a managed service reducing your resource requirements and eliminating CAPEX costs allowing you to focus on your core business while we help you to improve your relationships and enterprise customer revenues with proven solutions for A2P monetization, SMS filtering, Voice and A2P RCS enablement. Our SS7, SMPP and SIM box analysis capability enables an in-depth view of all possible manipulations allowing continuous adoption of filtering and alerting to reverse revenue leakage whilst our monetization consultants and business development teams advise you on how to optimize and manage rules, and engage with content providers on pricing. Focus on your core business and let us take care of your highly lucrative A2P and Enterprise engagement revenue streams for you! In some cases we can even forward pay predicted revenues so you can start new revenue streams from day one.

Datacentre and Cloud Monetisation

For Communication Service Providers with ambitions to be Cloud Service Providers or for Datacentre hosts looking to optimise revenues from their real estate, we have solutions to support your endeavours. Our Cloud Brokerage solution helps you to step up the quality and value of your cloud services with a fully integrated platform from which to deliver your cloud services. Allow your customers a seamless single sign on service with a single point of billing and full crm integration across your full suite of your cloud applications regardless of the software vendor. To optimise rack space within your datacentre you no longer need to look local for colocation customers, there is a world of high value international clients looking to find a route to market in your country and your datacentre could be just the access point you are looking for. Let us bring customers and bandwidth to you. We are actively looking for datacentre hosts to partner with, let’s talk!

Digital Enablement

Put the power of digital right into the hands of your customers. With our Digital Enablement platform your customers can customise their own service package in real time. No need for them to speak to a call centre operative to find the best package option from a limited array of voice/ data/ messaging package options, with all the frustration this can cause. You can open a world of new services never before available to most of your subscribers by offering them micro package options, gifting options, temporary subscriptions, group share on airtime, messaging and data. You can allow your customers to manipulate their own usage. If they run out of data but have access voice minutes they can adjust in real time. If they have not used their data but a family member has maxed out, they can gift and share. Let your customers squeeze maximum value from their package and they will love you for it. Your customers know what they want so why not leave it to them to tailor their own experience. Reduce your call centre costs, improve customer experience, increase ARPU and improve customer stickiness. Our solution is a cutting edge Silicon Valley solution that is revolutionising the Telco business model globally. Join the revolution!

Artificial Intelligence driving improved data analytics

It isn’t easy to make data analytics sound exciting but increased revenues and reduced costs are always a high priority. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for anomaly detection is an essential tool for some of the World’s largest and most innovative companies. Whether you are aware of it or not, your organisation is swimming in vast pools of data and that data is quite possibly one of your most valuable assets. If read correctly and in real time, your data can predict a service outage or provide corrective guidance on your next marketing or sales campaign to optimise sales and revenues. Whilst huge data pools are an asset, they are also a challenge for many systems that were simply not designed to cope with such volumes and can only analyse the data retrospectively (when it is possibly too late for effective decision making) instead of in real time. Time is money! A delay in response times to data anomalies can prove costly in missed opportunities and avoidable outages. Our highly configurable AI solution literally keeps your finger on the pulse and instantly triggers immediate responses. Do you have your finger on the pulse of your business critical functions? Let us show you how.

Extensia Connectivity Solutions – accelerating Africa’s connectivity agenda

Extensia have developed a portfolio of solutions designed to support ubiquitous connectivity. From low cost connectivity in underserved and rural areas to easily deployed LTE for urban densification of mobile networks, reliable high capacity microwave backhaul and high throughput Ku band connectivity on the move without the blackspots.

High Capacity Networks

Operators need to be prepared for the future. Our full portfolio of high-performance radios enables network operators to build high capacity networks and protect themselves and their networks from future uncertainty. According to Infonetics, the number one criteria for selecting microwave vendors for the past two years has been product reliability. Service downtime and dropped calls are also the most critical factor for subscriber churn. Network uptime has and will continue to be perhaps the most critical aspect of network performance.

Urban Densification

We provide wireless solutions for urban densification. 4G using LTE 700 & 1800 FDD frequencies is the smart way to deliver urban broadband connectivity. Our small, low cost, low power cells give more granular coverage, reaching dense concentrations of subscribers and can be offered on an OPEX basis enabling MNOs to go where they wouldn’t otherwise go, growing their subscriber base without increasing CAPEX.

High Grade, High Throughput Connectivity on the Move

It is our vision to complete the connectivity fabric for everything everywhere by enabling mobility on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks. Our cutting edgetechnology enables you to release the untapped potential of satellite spectrum and new satellite constellations with seamless and adoption of satellite and satellite-cellular connectivity including:

  • High Throughput Mobile Connectivity
  • Global Footprint
  • Simple Provisioning for Quick set up
  • Comes bundled with KyWay terminals
  • Offered as familiar, by the Gigabyte plans
  • Flexible offerings without complicated contracts
  • Scalable Network Services
  • Hybrid Satellite-Cellular ready

With our Ku-band satellite terminals we are able to address the need for lightweight, slim, and high-throughput communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite and make connecting nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easy. Satellite technicians are not required for installation, setup, commissioning and provisioning.

Combining cutting edge technology with joined up thinking and innovative business models, Extensia Bridge can fill the gaps in your network architecture, improving quality of service, coverage and affordability.

Rural affordability

Our low cost 2G/3G/4G coverage includes the world’s most affordable, lowest power consumption and easiest to deploy GSM base station. Specifically designed to reach the next billion mobile subscribers, the GSM LiteCell opens a whole new world of possibilities for connecting low density, low income, and remote populations. The GSM LiteCell is a hand-carried, tower-mounted base station. It does not require any machinery to install, nor any kind of shelter to protect it. Antennas connect directly to the unit; no need for costly and cumbersome external RF components. Its all-IP interface makes the GSM LiteCell easy to connect to any IP-based terrestrial or satellite backhaul. The base station’s ultra-low power consumption minimizes CAPEX associated to solar panels and batteries or OPEX in the case of diesel-powered sites. The LiteCell solution is optimised for Satellite and is the fourth generation of GSM base station, building on a track record of high reliability, with thousands of units deployed in all parts of the world, enduring the harshest conditions.

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