More Africa NewsNigeria expresses concern about students involved in cyber fraud

November 8, 2023by myles0

Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency has asked higher institutions for help in combating student involvement in internet fraud.

University students and graduates who fail to find work in Africa’s largest nation and economy have been labelled as masterminds of cybercrime, earning the moniker “Yahoo Boys.”

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, came under criticism last week when it raided the Obafemi Awolowo University in south-western Osun State at night.

They apprehended 69 students, presumably without enough, and the students were quickly freed.

Varsity students took to the streets to protest the anti-corruption agency’s harsh tactics.

The EFCC has now urged tertiary institution heads to collaborate with the agency in combating cybercrime among students.

EFCC regional commander Michael Nzekwe urged tertiary institution officials to implement measures to deter students from engaging in criminal activity.

The EFCC has met with university chancellors and rectors to examine how universities can combat student involvement in cybercrime.

Prof. Salawu Sadiku, Vice Chancellor of Confluence University of Science and Technology, feels that anti-corruption courses should be included in the school curriculum and taught at all levels.

“We need to do more for students to focus on their studies and desist from all forms of cybercrimes,” Nzekwe said in a statement.

Source: IT Web Africa

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